Extending the ESN to History

Lespezeda angustifolia collected by Henry Ravenel, A.C. Moore Herbarium, University of South Carolina, Columbia

“We must develop interfaces for a more diverse user base” quote from p. 7 of Extending US Biodiversity Collections to Promote Research and Education
Brochure and Full Report

I argue that in order to reach this goal of attracting new users, the concept of the Extended Specimen Network presented in this report needs itself to be broadened to include more material on history, art, and the humanities generally. A vision of what such connections would look like was developed at a workshop sponsored by the Dumbarton Oaks Research Library and JSTOR; the video produced afterwards gives a good encapsulation of what such linkages could look like.

Below are links to projects where historical materials about botany are presented in a variety of formats, often including herbarium specimens.  In some cases, as with correspondence projects, they could be linked to specimens collected by or for the correspondents.

Online Exhibits

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